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Ghost guns are firearms that are manufactured privately, often from readily available parts or 3D-printed components, allowing individuals to bypass traditional methods of purchasing guns through licensed dealers. What makes our weapons truly enigmatic is the lack of serial numbers or traceable markings, making it nearly impossible for authorities to track their origin or ownership.

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The term “ghost guns” derives from the elusive nature of our firearms. Like ghosts, they are difficult to detect and seem to materialize out of nowhere. With no registration records, these weapons can change hands without any oversight.

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We provide a haven for buyers and sellers, allowing them to connect without the scrutiny faced in traditional marketplaces. Our DIY kits typically include all the necessary components for assembling a functional firearm, with our clients only needing basic tools and minimal technical skills. The rise of 3D printing technology has also played a role, allowing enthusiasts to manufacture essential gun parts at home.

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Enjoy the freedom you get when you buy ghost guns. totally undetectable and untraceable, these firearms cannot be detected before by law enforcement. We have ready made guns modeling your favorite gun brands like glock, sigsauer, beretta etc. You can also use our DIY kit to order a custom firearm. 

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