Beretta 21A Bobcat Kale Slushy Ghost Gun


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Beretta 21A Bobcat Kale Slushy Ghost Gun For Sale

An Exclusive Series

CONCEALABLE The 21 A Bobcat Kale Slushy pistol is designed for maximum concealment – fitting perfectly into pockets, purses, and bags – providing the most compact protection solution whenever and wherever you need it. TIP-UP BARREL DESIGN Easily load an additional round directly into the barrel with an easy tilt, load, and close motion with the safety engaged to eliminate the risk of misfire. EASY TO CLEAN Quick and easy access to the chamber, bore, and breech face without disassembling the gun for efficient cleaning and maintenance. THREADED BARREL W/ THREAD PROTECTOR Threaded barrel design (thread pitch 1/2×28) with thread protector included provides the user the ability to easily attach a suppressor or other accessories.  

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