Beretta 80X Cheetah Green Ghost Gun


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Beretta 80X Cheetah Green Ghost Gun For Sale

An Exclusive Series

Emphasizing the importance of training when concealed carrying, Beretta has made a carry gun that is actually comfortable to carry and enjoyable to shoot. With an easier-to-rack slide, lightened recoil from tuning of the slide weight, spring rates, and chambering in .380, the 80X Cheetah is designed with an enhanced fit and style for elevated speed and control.For those looking for something different, the 80X Cheetah comes in a premium assortment of color options with limited edition multi-tone variants and market-leading finishes. The 80X Cheetah launch edition comes with a special leather pistol case. Before we made it the most comfortable and controllable pistol available, we made it a Beretta. The Beretta 80X Cheetah– Style in EVERY detail.ADJUSTABLE X-TREME S TRIGGER W/ SKELETONIZED HAMMER• A light, crisp and consistent single action/double action pull. The overtravel is adjustable to shorten the reset to 1mm.OPTIC-READY SLIDE W/ INTERCHANGEABLE SIGHTS• Comes optics-ready allowing for the ability to add an optic to improve accuracy and target acquisition speed.VERTEC GRIP W/ FRAME MOUNTED SAFETY & PICATINNY RAIL• Allows for a more compact profile for carrying concealed. Theadded feature of a Picatinny rail gives the option for weapon mounted lights and other Picatinny mounted accessories.13-ROUND STANDARD MAGAZINE• 13-round capacity, compact size and optimized ergonomics for concealed carry.

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