Beretta Ultraleggero Ghost Gun


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Beretta Ultraleggero Ghost Gun For Sale

An Exclusive Series

DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY to produce the lightest steel receiver shotgun on the market, the Ultraleggero delivers the same strength and balance characteristic of Beretta shotguns with a lighter steel receiver, techno-polymer receiver inserts, Extralight® recoil pad, and Steelium Optima-Bore® HP barrels that ensure superior quality performance and consistent shot patterns. The result is a lightweight yet sturdy shotgun ideal for Upland hunters looking for a fast-handling gun that swiftly gets onto the game.   THE LIGHTEST STEEL SHOTGUN Thanks to the steel receiver with internal relief cuts, Optima-Choke® HP barrels with no side ribs, stock with an increased cavity, aluminum forend iron system, and trigger guard.   CHAMBERED FOR EVERY CARTRIDGE 3” chamber designed to shoot magnum cartridges loaded with lead, steel and HP steel shot.   INNOVATIVE DESIGN Techno-polymer inserts with a cutting-edge floral motif. Side plates can be customized and 3D printed with personal designs.     EXTRALIGHT® RECOIL PAD Lighter recoil pad for excellent recoil absorption, comfort, and stability when shouldered and resistant to abrasion and weather with its closed-cell structure.

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